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1ha Strawberry Greenhouse

About the Project

The project initiators have held discussions of project development technical aspects and opportunities with different potential stakeholders and clients and have decided to follow considerations and certain recommendations from the well-established international companies like: Hortilife, Livingstone, ELGRO etc. and have considered EoI initial request according to the needs for:

● Production site dimensions that could meet energy efficiency, high yield and quality standards with the responsible and efficient land use methods;

● Improved cost-effective greenhouse technology types (high standard glass greenhouses), to be applied for up to 1ha size greenhouse facilities to be offered for farmers;

● Better, more efficient and environmentally friendly water supply and disposal management for irrigation, drinking, black and gray waters;

● Irrigation and drinking water supply, to be considered from the farmers’ licensed borehole;

● Rainwater collecting systems for the irrigation;

● Renewable energy generation possibilities at the farmers site to reduce supply of required energy from the central grid and/or from the central distribution source for natural gas.

Project Location

Project Initiator:

Project Advisors:

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1 ha Strawberry Greenhouse Land Plot.png
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Cadastral Code: N

Ownership: Lee LLC

Total Area: 15.35 ha

Coordinates (Center of the plot):

42.168154, 42.462144;

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