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4 ha High-Tech
Strawberry Greenhouse

About the Project

Turn-key initiative for the development of a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility dedicated to the production of strawberries in Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, Georgia.


Project Overview

GH Agri has engaged in discussions with potential stakeholders and clients, drawing insights from reputable international companies such as Hortilife B.V, Livingstone Ventures, ELGRO Group, etc. The project focuses on key considerations and recommendations related to:

  • Production Site Dimensions: Optimized for energy efficiency, high yield, and quality standards through responsible land-use methods.

  • Greenhouse Technology: Implementation of high-standard glass greenhouses, with a capacity of up to 4ha, to be offered to farmers for cost-effective cultivation.

  • Water Management: Implementation of advanced and environmentally friendly water supply and disposal systems for irrigation, drinking, and waste management.

  • Renewable Energy: Exploration of renewable energy sources to reduce dependency on the central grid or natural gas distribution.


Strawberry Greenhouse 1.png
Strawberry Greenhouse 3.png
Strawberry Greenhouse 2.png

Technical Parameters

ToR technical parameters for the greenhouse development project:

  • High-Quality Glass Cover: Resilient to periodic high winds.

  • Production on Gutters: Efficient cultivation method.

  • Individual Boiler: Dedicated heating system.

  • Rainwater Collecting Facility: Appropriate size to be defined.

  • Circular Irrigation System: Effective water distribution.

  • Drip Irrigation and Fertilizing System: Precision cultivation.

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Co-generation possibility.

  • CO2 Collector: Enhancing plant growth.

  • Waste Disposal Systems: Environmentally friendly drainage for drain, grey, and black water.

  • Artificial Lighting: If recommended and applicable for guaranteed productivity.

  • Climate Zones: At least 2 divided climate zones.

  • Screenings, Ventilation, and Service Area: Essential elements for optimal greenhouse conditions.

  • Storage and Cooling Facility: Minimum 50 m2.

  • Office, Locker Rooms, Canteen, Security Room: Ensuring a comfortable and secure working environment for staff.

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