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Expression of Interest (EoI)

About the Project

The project's main objectives are to develop agriculture in the Imereti region and support local farmers to upgrade their greenhouse production, technologies, and income.


Main strategy

Collect proposals from Agricultural turn-key project management/supplier companies, develop the business plan for the greenhouse project accordingly, and proceed project for financing/implementation.

The Opportunity

GH Agri offers EoI Respondents the opportunity to introduce their turn-key project, technologies, and consultancy, develop a business plan for the project and introduce it to potential clients (local farmers in Kopitnari IDPs settlement in Kopitnari)


Project Initiator:

Project Beneficiary:


Kopitnari IDP Community

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Project Advisors:

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EoI process and timeframes

The EoI requires Respondents to submit a non-binding proposal based on the requirements set out in this EoI.


The EoI process seeks to engage the private sector to develop proposals that will meet the Project Objectives competitively.


To register as a Respondent, interested parties must provide the completed Returnable Schedule – Registration from March 20th, 2023, no later than 18:00 hours Georgia time on March 31st, 2023 via In parallel to the EoI process on an ongoing basis (from March 2023 to April 2023), GH Agri will undertake an efficient negotiation phase with the Respondents of this EoI and work towards the timely execution of the Project Documents. Therefore, proposals submitted in the EoI process by the Respondents shall be addressed on an ongoing basis, following the chronological order of submission.


GH Agri does not intend to reimburse or contribute to costs incurred by Respondents in preparing Proposals or in relation to participation in the EoI processes more generally.


All questions and clarifications concerning this EoI may only be directed in writing via Email to the Proposal Manager:


GH Agri reserves the right to conduct further market research after the EoI Close Date, provided that GH Agri does not receive applications that satisfy objective evaluation criteria for the selection of Respondents for the Project by way of extension of the EoI Close Date and/or conducting one or more further EoI phases.

To download EoI documentation, please click the button below:


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