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4,000m2 Propagation Center Project
for Mukhiani IDP Farmers

About the Project

GH Agri is thrilled to unveil our upcoming visionary project in collaboration with Hortilife B.V., Livingstone Ventures B.V, and Ammerlaan Construction BV. This initiative is centered around the establishment of a cutting-edge, fully automated Propagation Center, poised to be a modern high-tech educational and vocational training hub in Caucasus for the cultivation of various crops, including strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum, and more.


Envisioning Tomorrow's Agriculture


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of LLC Mukhiani Greenhouses in the Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, Georgia, our future fully automated propagation center is designed to revolutionize by modernizing agriculture in Georgia and beyond, around Caucasus. Considering planned close collaboration with NNLE International Training & Demonstration Centre (ITDC), this project promises to be a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and community collaboration.

Join Us in Shaping the Agricultural Landscape

We extend an enthusiastic invitation to local farmers and agricultural landowners to actively participate in shaping this forward-looking initiative. Our proposal encourages stakeholders to contribute by dedicating their land plots to the cultivation and production of high-value crops, such as strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum, and other fruit and vegetable seedlings. This collaborative effort aims not only to enhance the overall productivity of the future propagation center but also to create positive impacts within the local community.

The GH Agri Approach: Modern High-Tech Advancements

Our future project, a Modern High-Tech Propagation Center, aligns with key aspects and functions associated with modern agricultural practices:

1. Seed Germination and Cultivation: Employing high-tech and modern methods to ensure the production of healthy, disease-free plants with desirable traits.

2. Cutting Propagation: Utilizing advanced techniques for the successful propagation of crops, leading to genetically identical plants.

3. Tissue Culture: Implementing modern methods for the cultivation of valuable or delicate plant species.

4. Automation and Technology: Incorporating the latest technologies, including climate control, precision irrigation systems, and robotic assistance, to optimize the production process.

5. Research and Development: Anticipating future activities to continually improve propagation techniques, enhance crop traits, and explore new varieties in close cooperation with the world leading institutions.

6. Collaboration with Agricultural Entities: Planning for future partnerships with agricultural companies, farmers, and researchers to share knowledge, technology, and plant materials.

7. Expansion and Outreach: Envisioning future expansion and collaboration efforts with local farmers for mutual benefit.


Anticipate Success Together

GH Agri's future initiative is a commitment to leveraging advanced modern techniques and technology for the efficient and scalable production of high-value crops. While the project is still in the planning stages, it symbolizes our dedication to contributing to the agricultural development of the region.


Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards a future where innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices converge to shape the landscape of agriculture. Join us in sowing the seeds of change for a prosperous and sustainable agricultural future. community involvement and contributing to the overall agricultural development of the region.

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