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4,000m2 middle-tech greenhouse
production for Kopitnari IDP Farmers

About the Project

A total of 3.5 ha of Agricultural Land plot is owned by Kopitnari IDP Greenhouse farmers, has a 4-meterwide road, supplied with middle voltage grid and the borehole for irrigation water supply (8-10 m depth) available on the production site. The source for supplying natural gas for heating is approximately in 500m range from the production site.


Ownership-wise, the Land plot is shared between two (2) farmer families and currently is registered as two (2) standalone plots (cadastral numbers N: and N to be consolidated in the books of the LTD which should be established for the project development purpose.


Due to a lack of agricultural knowledge, relevant experience, access to modern technologies, international suppliers, qualified consultancy services, vocational training possibilities etc., Kopitnari IDP settlement farmers carry out their seasonal farming activities in simple, low – tech, energy inefficient greenhouses, with no heating, and/or automatic irrigation systems etc. and would like to jointly develop up to 4,000m2 located at the two (2) available land plots with the intention to convert existing simple production facilities to the modern , high productivity, all year round production greenhouse facilities.

Kopitnari IDP Settlement

Kopitnari IDP Settlement is located on the neighboring land plot to IAZ GHCD 159 ha production site in Tskaltubo Municipality, Imereti Region, Georgia. With a total population of up to 400 Families, the Settlement is inhabited by eco-migrants and internally displaced persons from an armed conflict, whose primary source of income comes from taking care of their own cattle and greenhouse farming mainly for herbs and seasonal vegetables.


The settlement members use 3.5 ha of the agricultural Land plot as simple, low tech greenhouse production at 2,5 ha in the range of 500 meters from the Kopitnari IDP Settlement, directly at the entrance from the highway to the Settlement Territory.

Mid Tech Greenhouse - Farmer 1.png
Mid Tech Greenhouse - Farmer 2.png
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