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Tourism Development Project


Kharagauli Ropeway Network (KRWN)

Project Development

In 2023, GH Agri & Kharagauli municipality initiated KRWN project to insure Imereti region Agri-tourism infrastructure development & economic/social enhancement for the Imereti Region.


The project envisages the construction of a cable car network (total of 3.16 km, with two central intermediate stations) in the municipality of Kharagauli, which will connect the center of the municipality with the high mountain villages and the Chkheri fortress.

“Kharagauli Cultural Mapping” Project

The "Kharagauli Cultural Mapping" Project is a pivotal initiative aimed at uncovering and safeguarding the diverse cultural assets within Kharagauli town, Chkheri, and Marelisi villages. By identifying, documenting, and preserving these cultural treasures, the project contributes significantly to heritage conservation and community developme

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"Chkheri Water Mills" Project

The "Chkheri Water Mills" project celebrates the historical importance of community-owned water mills by rejuvenating traditional milling practices.

Situated by the Chkheri Fortress along the Chkherimela River, up to 20 meticulously restored Georgian-style water mills will evoke the essence of traditional craftsmanship and traditional maize production. 

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