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Kharagauli Ropeway Network 
for the Imereti Region 

Proposed Project

The project envisages the construction of a cable car network (total of 3.16 km, with two central intermediate stations) in the municipality of Kharagauli, which will connect the center of the municipality with the high mountain villages and the Chkheri fortress.

The construction of the ropeway network is necessary for the development of tourism in the municipality, because currently there is no efficient and comfortable way to move from the center of Kharagauli to the high mountain villages, which hinders:

1. Local population’s social and economic connectivity to the municipality and the region as a whole;

2. Increase of job opportunities and raise of income for the local population in the mountains;

3. Development of the main Agri-touristic attraction infrastructure (e.g. for “Chkheri Fortress”, different viewpoints with restaurants, cafes, medical facilities etc.) initiatives in Kharagauli municipality by the private sector;

Cafes/restaurants, parking spaces will be developed in the vicinity of the cable car stations, medical stations and lavatories will be arranged along with the cable cars, and a small wholesale Agri-market for the sale of endemic, eco-friendly local agricultural products will be organized for the local population and visitors.

Imereti House.png
Chkheri Fortress.png
Ropeway View.png

Ropeway Network (RWN)

The map below shows ropeway infrastructure development layout, planned to be constructed in Kharagauli area with 3 ropeway lines and 4 stations, along with ancillary touristic and social infrastructure for tourists and local population by June 2025.

RW1 – [1.1 km]

RW2 – [0.3 km]

RW3 – [1.6 km]

Ropeway Photo.png
Ropeway Network.png

For detailed Information please download the Presentation:

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