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Agricultural Projects

GH Agri 6 ha high-tech greenhouse

development project for tomatoes

The goal of the project is to produce agricultural products (mainly tomatoes as well as tulips as a complementary seasonal product) in the modern greenhouse that partially will substitute imported products and eventually create a possibility of exporting tomatoes throughout the Caucasian Region, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even to some of EU countries, by using Dutch, Venlo-type greenhouse technology


ITDC IT Platform Development

Introducing a comprehensive online regional marketplace dedicated to rural product suppliers, traders, and service providers. The platform facilitates the buying and selling of agricultural (agri) and Hotel/Restaurant/Café (HORECA) products. Emphasizing the crucial role of digitalization, the initiative aims to prioritize the Caucasus Region.

Horticultural educational and vocational training Training of Trainers & Training of Farmers program from HollandDoor


Horticultural educational and vocational training Training of Trainers & Training of Farmers program from Bilancia


4,000m2 Propagation Center Project for

Mukhiani IDP Farmers

GH Agri is thrilled to unveil our upcoming visionary project in collaboration with Hortilife B.V., Livingstone Ventures B.V, and Ammerlaan Construction BV. This initiative is centered around the establishment of a cutting-edge, fully automated Propagation Center, poised to be a modern high-tech educational and vocational training hub in Caucasus for the cultivation of various crops, including strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum, and more.

Capsicum Trial Production Project

The Yellowbird, Samander, and Lotta Capsicum Trial project aims to evaluate the growth, productivity, and overall performance of three different varieties of capsicum peppers: Yellowbird, Samander, and Lotta. The trial is designed to assess the suitability of these varieties for cultivation in Imereti region, Georgia or under specific growing conditions (indoor, outdoor, in the soil or pots etc.) available at 4 different HTDC Class B member farmers’ (Kopitnari IDP Settlement, Cooperative Mukhiani, LTD Begi and LTD Adina) production sites.

Strawberry Greenhouse.png

4ha Strawberry Greenhouse

LLC GH Agri as a project stakeholder would like to invite all interested parties to participate in Expression of Interest (EoI) to take part in the Turn-key project of the Greenhouse Development for production of strawberries in Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, Georgia, by applying to the publicly announced, international invitation for the non-binding Expression of Interest (EoI).

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