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"Chkheri Water Mills" Project

Proposed Project

The "Chkheri Water Mills" project celebrates the historical importance of community-owned water mills by rejuvenating traditional milling practices.

Situated by the Chkheri Fortress along the Chkherimela River, up to 20 meticulously restored Georgian-style water mills will evoke the essence of traditional craftsmanship and traditional maize production.


Accompanying these functional historical type small water mills lined on the bank of Chkherimela River, it is planned to develop a "Chkheri Water Mill Restaurant" & a Chkherimela River Café, providing a peaceful retreat for visitors amidst the serene Chkheri Fortress surroundings. Additionally, the "Chkheri Water Mill Restaurant" promises an authentic culinary experience, showcasing locally inspired dishes and warm Imereti-style hospitality. Visitors can immerse themselves in cultural activities such as milling demonstrations, guided tours, and hands-on experiences in baking traditional “Mchadi”, maize bread, and Imereti style “Khachapuri”. With a focus on community involvement and eco-friendly practices, the project aims to preserve local traditions while offering guests an opportunity to embrace the region's rich cultural tapestry and genuine hospitality.

To ensure sustainability and popularization of Chkheri Maize Wheat production, the project initiators consider developing a modern maize collecting, sorting processing and packaging center in Kharaguli town at a specially assigned production site.   


Chkheri Water Mill Site Location

JSC GHA has applied to GoG and to the Kharagauli municipality with the request to define and provide relevant conditions and procedures, for providing requested 20 authentic water mill, restaurant and café project development site as the JSC GHA ownership, within the scope of the “Kharagauli Ropeway Network & Chkheri Resort Tourism Infrastructure Development” project.

Ckheri Location.png

Maize Processing Production Facility site

Adjacent to the Chkheri Water Mill project, plans are underway for the establishment of a modern Maize collecting, processing & packaging facility in Kharagauli town.

This initiative seeks to combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional agricultural methodologies, fostering economic advancement while safeguarding the area's cultural heritage.

Ckheri Location 1.png

Chkheri Water Mill project site

to be fully supplied with the 

renewable energy generation sources

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