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Processing & Canning

Processing & canning, enables growers to maintain product quality and adhere to food safety standards. Close monitoring and control over the growing environment, coupled with proper handling and processing practices, ensure the production of safe and high-quality tomatoes for consumers.


Value Addition and Market Opportunities: Processing and canning tomatoes add value to the final product, enabling producers to tap into different market segments and diversify their offerings.


Processed tomato products have an extended shelf life, making them suitable for export and distant markets. This opens up new business opportunities and allows growers to capture additional value from their tomato crops.

Reduced Wastage and Increased Sustainability: A comprehensive production cycle minimizes wastage by utilizing tomatoes across various stages. By processing and canning excess tomatoes or those that may not meet fresh market standards, growers can reduce post-harvest losses and maximize resource utilization. This contributes to a more sustainable production system and reduces overall food waste.

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