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Expression of Interest (EoI)

About the Project

JSC GH Agri (GHA) is proud to announce Expression of Interest (EoI) for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and/or Operations and Maintenance (O&M) companies in the scope of “Kharagauli Ropeway Network (KHRWN) and Chkheri Mountain Resort Development” project;

The primary focus of the project, known as the “Kharagauli Ropeway Network & Chkheri Mountain Resort Development”, involves the development of four (4) ropeway network stations (with a total approximate distance of 3.3 km):


  • Ropeway Station No. 1 (RS1) located in Kharagauli town, serving as the main hub for visitors and tourists to access Kharagauli municipality.

  • Ropeway Station No. 2 (RS2) serving as the gateway to Chkheri village connecting Chkheri village population to Kharagauli town and providing access for the visitors to Upper Chkheri tourist sites.

  •  Ropeway Station No. 3 (RS3) connects visitors and tourists to the highest peak in Upper Chkheri with the stunning view of the Kharagauli town. 

  •  Ropeway Station No. 4 (RS4) takes visitors and tourists to Chkheri Fortress, a significant historical monument and cultural heritage site of the Imereti region, Georgia.


GHA invites reputable EPC and/or O&M contractor companies with established experience and relevant expertise in developing the ropeway network at tourist attraction sites to collaborate in this endeavor. Your involvement will not only contribute to the development of tourism infrastructure in Georgia, but also foster economic growth and cultural preservation in the region.

For further details and submission guidelines, please refer to the official documentation attached to this email.


We look forward to your participation and collective efforts in realizing this impactful project. 


Project Initiator:

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Project Advisors:

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EoI process and timeframes

The EoI requires Respondents to submit a non-binding proposal based on the requirements set out in this EoI.


The EoI process seeks to engage the private sector to develop proposals that will meet the Project Objectives competitively.


To register as a Respondent, interested parties must provide the completed Returnable Schedule – Registration from February 14th , 2024, no later than February 29th , 2024, 18:00 hours Georgia time via In parallel to the EoI process on an ongoing basis (from February 2024 to March 2024), GH Agri will undertake an efficient negotiation phase with the Respondents of this EoI and work towards the timely execution of the Project Documents. Therefore, proposals submitted in the EoI process by the Respondents shall be addressed on an ongoing basis, following the chronological order of submission.

GH Agri does not intend to reimburse or contribute to costs incurred by Respondents in preparing Proposals or in relation to participation in the EoI processes more generally. All questions and clarifications concerning this EoI may only be directed in writing via Email to the Proposal Manager:


GH Agri reserves the right to conduct further market research after the EoI Close Date, provided that GH Agri does not receive applications that satisfy objective evaluation criteria for the selection of Respondents for the Project by way of extension of the EoI Close Date and/or conducting one or more further EoI phases.

For more information on how to submit your proposal:

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