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 HTDC IT infrustructure development


HTDC Class A Members Educational & Skills Development Web Page for farmers

HTDC Class B Members Educational & Skills Development Web Page for farmers

HTDC Class C Members Educational & Skills Development Web Page for farmers

  • Raising awareness on HTDC Class A Member Companies;

  • Different IT skills and program introductory trainings  provided by HTDC Class A Members:   

       • Humidation management software 

       • Greenhouse management software

       • Fertigation software; Etc;

  • Products, prices, comparative data provided by  Agri-input types and categories;

  • Introducing Agri, legal and financial consultancy  services;

  • Matchmaking Possibility platform.

  • Training and skills development for farmers in compiling  their financial data in a bankable format;

  • Guiding and educating farmers on financial terminology and  their financial ratios;

  • Online and face to face training and consultancy;  Possibility to apply to almost all local banks and  microfinance organizations for the loans and to certain IFIs  and DAs for technical assistance and/or other available  project financing possibilities;

  • Raising awareness on local and international financial  institutions and DAs;

  • Raising awareness on the HTDC Class B Members’  achievements and progress in cooperation with HTDC;

  • Information on educational and vocational training institutions

  • and universities;

  • Introduction to HTDC Class C Member’s long-term and short-  term educational, training and skills development programs;

  • Online training and skills development courses introduced by  HTDC C Class Member educational institutions;

  • Introduction and updates to the held and ongoing educational and training programs implemented with HTDC involvement;  Raising awareness on different educational and training  programs, that were developed with HTDC participation and/or involvement.

  • Agri professionals’ and/or students’ connecting platform and  Chatroom.

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