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Nursery Greenhouse Project

Proposed Project

GH Agri envisages to establish a plant nursery in the region of Imereti, for the supply of high-quality planting materials to large, medium and subsistence farmers, home-garden growers, schools, municipalities and other interested parties. We propose to concentrate in the beginning on vegetable seedlings and high-quality fruit trees, bushes and plants. Sales will be either whole-sale or retail. In the future mail-order or web-shop could be included as well. Within the company, young professionals, women, displaced persons (considered GH Agri nursery production site is located at the Kopitnari IDP settlement) and persons with disabilities will play a prominent role in management of the company and will form a considerable part of the workforce.


Nursery Proposed Location

The nursery will be linked to the proposed IAZ Greenhouse Cluster development Project, under establishment in the same region, as this zone will give access to a broad client base. Under this same scheme, infrastructural improvements will be implemented from which the proposed nursery can benefit as well (roads, agro-input suppliers, packing and shipping facilities, retail facilities.)

Production Seasonality

Seasonal lows in the production and sales of vegetable seedlings and fruit crops planting material will be filled with money spinning plant reproduction activities, such as the production of ornamental flowers and plants for important flower holidays such as 8th March (International Women’s Day), 26th May (Independence Day) and 23rd November (Giorgoba)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

In agribusiness, supply chain management (SCM) implies managing the relationships between the different components responsible for the efficient production and supply of products from farm level to the consumers, in order to meet the consumers' requirements in terms of quantity, quality and price. GH Agri proposes a SCM approach, specific for this nursery project.  

Strategic partnerships and UPOV

 GH Agri is planning to enter into strategic partnerships with renowned breeding companies, institutes and Universities. In case direct partnerships are not possible, GH Agri plans to make agreements with companies and nurseries, having legal multiplication contracts with the original breeder. This will be possible, as Georgia has recognized the plant multiplication conditions and regulations as reflected by the union for Protection of New varieties of Plants, UPOV. Since 29th November 2008, Georgia is an official member of UPOV. 



Growing of the crops will be done taking into account GobalGAP and other international standards. As far as applicable, rules and regulations of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) will be followed. Although established in 1951, Georgia joined the EPPO in 2015.

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